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  • Francheska
    Francheska A capacious and functional suite is done in a wide colour spectrum – from delicate pastel shades to saturated and contrast ones. A simple and elegant decor gives lightness to the interior of a bathroom.
  • Monika
    Monika "Monika" – a new designer solution. Simplicity combined with elegance. White colour makes experimenting possible.
  • Prato
    Prato "Prato" is a perfect choice for those who like beauty and functionality. One more example for a simple and at the same time good interior of a bathroom which may be called "only necessary things". Colors of the series create the feeling of tranquility and comfort.
  • Ravenna
    Ravenna A series of bathroom furniture "Ravenna" – is laconic and perfect. Its emphasis on lines, neutral colors, natural decor is the key to creating a thorough interior that provides a sense of stability and reliability.
  • Rio
    Rio A white laconic series for those who have good taste and a small bathroom. With "Rio" you will create many places for the storage of bath accessories even in the smallest room.
  • Ticino
    Ticino "Ticino" series is the collection of bathroom furniture which represents fusion of classics and modern tendencies.
  • Tivoli
    Tivoli "Tivoli" – the minimum elements the maximum emotions. Clear lines and functionality – that's what attracts attention. Furniture series "Tivoli" helps to create the unusual interior that will impress the most demanding customers.
  • Zlata
    Zlata A dynamic and modern series with the combination of white polish and natural decor. It is also available in white colour. Modular type of series simplifies creation of comfortable and functional interior.
About Company

Ticino«Juventa»  is a leading  Ukrainian Company producer of bathroom furniture. Professional staff, the latest quipment, interesting and contemporary model selection, modern design solutions, new technology and materials of  the best quality - help for Сompany widening with every year, growing and exploring new frontiers.

History of  Juventa  Company – it is the  history of continuous improvement, rapid rise, the desire of achievement high goals , and the whole history of achievements and victories.

Juventa limited liability Company – it is  one of the leaders in producing of  bathroom furniture,  which trust  not only in Ukraine but also abroad. Juventa Company was founded in April 5th, 2000.

Initially the company hadn’t relationship to furniture bathroom sand engaged in supplying with sanitary engineering goods. In this way Juventa Company made an initial capital for the development and production of bathroom furniture.

In September, 2003 the Company started own producing of bathroom furniture. The Company released first series, that was called «Slavuta». First order was done for Mukachevo city, Ukraine.

The demand for TM Juventa products was growing and the question was raised about a radical increase in production volumes.

   Therefore, the leader of Company decided to purchase new technologies and equipment of world leaders: CEFLA S.p.A Italy; SCM GROUP S.p.A Italy; and construction of a new furniture factory with the launch of a new automated line for the production of bathroom furniture in 2006. Juventa company has half of new equipment  without  analogues  in Ukraine.

In 27 th July, 2007 was official opening a modern new factory of the bathroom furniture production  and this increased production capacity for 30 000 units per month.

TicinoThe Company made and launched the leading manufacturing in Eastern Europe. It meets all international requirements for quality security. Full technological cycle of bathroom furniture producing conducting on high-precision and high-tech equipment with digital program management.

Going forward, improving in work, introducing professional equipment and the latest technology Juventa is unchangedable onlyin one- of the high quality of  products.

Our furniture is direct at buyers with different purchasing ability, that’s why we produce furniture economy, comfort and luxury classes. There are more than 30 variants in different series and color ranges are available in assortment. They are including: vanity units, mirrors, mirror cabinets, tall storage units, chest of drawers, and wall – mounted tall storage unit.

 Wide range of products allows you to choose furniture for every taste. Variety of furniture provides an optimal arrangement of large and small bathrooms.

When we create interior design, we think about comfort, how fashionable and beautiful it will be look. The main fact, that this beauty is not perished from wetness and water vapor.

TicinoJuventa bathroom furnitures is able to satisfy any tastes and demands of consumers. Firstly, during the producing of sets, we using materials from Ukrainian and European manufacturers in quality which we are sure. Secondly, Juventa production Company is equipped with modern equipment which guarantees high quality furniture. Thirdly, during creation and production of design, we use the latest technology which allowing products to have a good look and successfully compete with foreign models.

Juventa bathroom furniture has many advantages, such as:
✔  original and unique design.
✔  furniture and accessories have high quality.
✔  convenience (functionality).
✔  environmental friendliness.
✔  24 months of guarantee and post-guarantee service.
✔  structural perfection.
✔  combination of good look with impressive comfort.

Our furniture helps to create the territory of comfortable and beauty, they will be raisin any interior.

Make your room’s space cozy and functional with stylish Juventa bathroom furniture!