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Series "Ticino" Series "Ticino"

"Ticino" series is the collection of bathroom furniture which represents fusion of classics and modern tendencies.

Series "Prato" Series "Prato"

"Prato" is a perfect choice for those who like beauty and functionality. One more example for a simple and at the same time good interior of a bathroom which may be called "only necessary things". Colors of the series create the feeling of tranquility and comfort.

Series "Monza" Series "Monza"

Modern, laconic and functional series of furniture. Elegant forms of washbasin add to the exclusiveness of the series. Warm venge colour combined with white will introduce comfort and warmth into your interior. "Monza" is a designer decision for those who love their bathroom.

Series "Tivoli" Series "Tivoli"

"Tivoli" – the minimum elements the maximum emotions. Clear lines and functionality – that's what attracts attention. Furniture series "Tivoli" helps to create the unusual interior that will impress the most demanding customers.

Series "Zlata" Series "Zlata"

A dynamic and modern series with the combination of white polish and natural decor. It is also available in white colour. Modular type of series simplifies creation of comfortable and functional interior.

Series "Francheska" Series "Francheska"

A capacious and functional suite is done in a wide colour spectrum – from delicate pastel shades to saturated and contrast ones. A simple and elegant decor gives lightness to the interior of a bathroom.

Series "Monika" Series "Monika"

"Monika" – a new designer solution. Simplicity combined with elegance. White colour makes experimenting possible.

Series "Rio" Series "Rio"

A white laconic series for those who have good taste and a small bathroom. With "Rio" you will create many places for the storage of bath accessories even in the smallest room.

Series "Ravenna" Series "Ravenna"

A series of bathroom furniture "Ravenna" – is laconic and perfect. Its emphasis on lines, neutral colors, natural decor is the key to creating a thorough interior that provides a sense of stability and reliability.

Series "Ariadna" Series "Ariadna"

"Ariadna" – traditional and at the same time, modern furniture series, brings maximum comfort to your bathroom. It will create an atmosphere of ease, give a sense of light and purity. "Ariadna" – rigor of minimalism with unprecedented convenience and functionalism.

Series "Savona" Series "Savona"

The "Savona" series will appeal to admirers of understated styles and laconic design. It distinguishes itself with a puristic design. Rectangular vanity units with washbasins, tall storage units, mirrored cabinets – all this is represented in a wide range of sizes for various bathrooms. Easiness and functionality in combination with the latest technologies are implemented in the "Savona" series.

Series "Geneva" Series "Geneva"

An elegant and impeccable series of classic white color "Geneva" amazes with its exquisiteness, concise design, and at the same time – emotionality and creativity. This series of furniture is truly ergonomic and functional. The sophistication of the "Geneva" series is captured even in the smallest details – stainless steel handles, rounded corner structure...

Series "Trento" Series "Trento"

Furniture series "Trento" impresses with its expressiveness, precision and versatility. The color scheme of this series will bring bright colors to your daily life, add to the interior of your room heat and make the atmosphere comfortable.

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